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Hero to Inmate

From a hero suffering from PTSD to homelessness and Prison. After leaving the forces sufferers of
post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) should be treated as a mental health issue and not criminal.
Nearly 6,000 people sleep rough every night in the UK and many end up in prison which must seem
like paradise to them. A warm bed, three meals a day and security may appear to be great for them but it’s costing the taxpayer £47,000 a year to provide them with a room. It would be considerably cheaper to care for these people in the community as the majority are not a danger to society but are a danger only to themselves.

If Jesus came back as a homeless person, would we tell Him that the Inn is full of needy migrants.
Would we send Him to the stable? Have we not learnt anything over the past 2000 years?
The UK needs to follow the successful Housing First scheme that has been set up in Finland. To learn
more about this solution click here.

More on this sorry story can be read in Chapter 27 of The Bedford Heist.