Chapter 14

Chapter 14. Brexit

Following on from chapter 13 on austerity, Lewis asked if it would be ok for him to ask me a question. I said it would be, but I don’t have an answer for everything. He grinned and said that what he had heard about me from fellow inmates he doubted that. He went and asked me what I thought will happen with Brexit. Well I told Lewis that I voted to stay in the EU, but the country decided that it wanted to leave. I honestly think that the initial campaign was badly run, and the true facts were never made clear to the British voters. I also believe that if the EU had met David Cameron’s demands on open borders in 2016 then we would not be leaving.

I can see the problem first-hand as the number of eastern Europeans now being convicted should have never been let in the country in the first place. I have friends who live in Boston, Lincolnshire and locals were scared to venture out as groups of Eastern Europeans were loitering about the town, both day and night. Not all were bad but there were loads that came over to our country and have no respect for our laws. You only have to read the court reports in any Lincolnshire newspaper, and you’ll see how many are facing the judge. You’ll see loads from Poland, Rumania, Latvia and other eastern EU countries’ filling the page. It was made worse by the government not providing enough funds to cover the extra cost for social housing, education, the NHS and other vital services. IMO the government should introduce a new Law and if a non-UK passport holder is found guilty in a UK court then they and their family should be deported back to the country they came from.

What made matters worse was that the EU couldn’t help but see the horror stories of refugees drowning in the Mediterranean Sea and the EU felt that it should help. What you didn’t see is the flimsy boats being confiscated nor the traffickers being arrested and thrown in jail. They could take themselves and their boats back and forward time and time again. If the EU had done this then I believe that the numbers would have been reduced dramatically. And instead of allowing the refugees in to the EU, it would have been better for the EU to pay countries such as Turkey to erect proper refugee camps until the wars in their own countries had been settled and it was safe to return.

IMO what the EU can’t allow is for Britain to be let off lightly for wanting to leave, as if they allowed this to happen then other countries would also want out. I’m not a gambling man but I bet that if there was an open vote in France and Germany then the people would also vote to leave. An EU without the likes of France and Germany simply wouldn’t work. I did feel sorry for the politicians who were trying to cut a deal as they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. During 2017, 18 & 19 the arguments within the Conservative party were shameful and they should all be supporting their fellow MP’s, who are only trying to honour the wishes of the British people.

The Labour party was also IMO out of touch with reality and were set on preventing a no deal happening. The Labour party under the poor leadership of Jeremy Corbyn would have done better to push for a second referendum rather than play into Boris Johnson’s hands, where he knew that he would win a general election, when he called it. The Labour party could have also voted for the leave deal that the Conservatives under Boris had managed to get from the EU rather than face a general election. If they had done that, then they could have played a vital part in getting the best deal for Britain, instead of handing Boris a winning hand.

What the Labour and Liberal parties failed to understand was how the influx of foreigners from both the EU and around the world had change our country. There were many cities and towns that had been taken over by foreigners and the British public had had enough. When Boris won the 2019 election with a large majority one of the first things, he did was to introduce an immigration bill which would from 2021 work on a points system like that of Australia. What I feel Boris is forgetting is that this would do little to correct the current immigration problem that enabled the Conservatives to win with a large majority. Unless he can correct his mistake and weed out the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants by the next election, then the north will revert back to Labour and we will end up with a hung parliament. For those that think that Brexit has now been done they are in for a rude awakening once the coronavirus pandemic has been resolved.

A plus point for Boris was that he realised that many of the seats he gained from Labour were in the north of England which also had a high proportion of BAME constituents and he has cleverly made his cabinet up of many non-white MP’s. The only fault I can see in his actions was to make Pity Patel Home Secretary as in IMO (as with Dominic Cummings) she is a ticking time bomb. Labour will need to add a bit of colour to their shadow cabinet if they want to win the next election.

If the EU want a hard exit then let the European politicians meet face to face with thousands’ of car workers at Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen who will lose their jobs as the UK would be forced to place a 20% import levy on car imports resulting in lay-offs. I have a friend who works for one of the leading German brands in the UK and he told me in 2019 that business had already slowed down as people were scared that if the import levy on car parts were also increased by 20%, then it would be difficult to sell on once they wanted to replace their car in a few years’ time. What a mess the EU is in.

Austerity measures that underfunded the NHS, Police and local government for nearly a decade have now been promised extra funding by Boris. The NHS is to get 40 new hospitals and the staff shortage to be fixed a.s.a.p. Police will get 20,000 new plods which will only replace the numbers lost under austerity. Under funding of local governments has sent councils to breaking point, but Boris has promised councils more money in years to come. Yet, if you ask Boris whether austerity worked, he will tell you it had worked.

I concluded that Lewis was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he wasn’t a threat to society, and I would push for an early release so that he could get back working for the NHS where he belonged. I wouldn’t be inviting him to my heist in Bedford as I know he would turn the invitation down.

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