Chapter 14

Chapter 14. Brexit Following on from chapter 13 on austerity, Lewis asked if it would be ok for him to ask me a question. I said it would be, but I don’t have an answer for everything. He grinned and said that what he had …

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chapter 31

Chapter 31. Prisons have become dumping grounds for the mentally ill James Burley was just one of the many inmates that end up at my office door that really shouldn’t be here. Over my 20 years as a prison counsellor I have seen a massive …

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Chapter 54

Chapter 54. The Clarence Street Fire. At Clarence street at around 10.50 am the fire engines siren could be heard as it moved along the street but not too close to the fire. The fire chief asked the panicking policeman what the situation was and …

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Chapter 15

Chapter 15. Covid-19 Nearly everything that happens outside the prison walls seems to find a way to land at the prison gates and Covid-19 will not be the exception. Within minutes of Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announcing the measure of financial help …

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The Bedford Heist

– by Frederick Linden-Wyatt

The Bedford Heist is based on a former prison counsellor changing sides and using his knowledge to plan one of the UK’s largest and deadliest heist.

This crime and fiction novel is filled with shocking stories about inmates and reveals why the creaking prison system is sorely costing us all. Inmate problems include alcohol and drug addiction along with sex and rape in prison.

The cleverly planned heist will hit the market town of Bedford like a ton of bricks and make the Chief Constables warning of not having enough officers to answer 999 calls become a reality.

Join Lucas Payne on his cleverly planned heist that he has arranged for a few friends and villains he met during the past twenty years whilst working as a prison counsellor.

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