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The Bedford Heist

Read the exciting debut novel

By Frederick Linden-Wyatt


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From Prison Counsellor to criminal mastermind

The Bedford Heist is based on a leading Prison Counsellor who after 20 plus years tires of dealing with Britain’s problems, changes sides and pulls off a deadly but clever heist bringing the market town of Bedford to its knees. Over the years, he had seen good and bad laws passed by both the Labour and the Conservative parties, and even when a party had a huge majority of MPs, they still didn’t make significant changes to how the country was being run. The rich continued to get richer, and the poor get poorer, and essential matters such as the NHS, education and public protection never got any better. The Bedford Heist target readership would be.... People who live-in or around Bedford. Prison Officers. detainees or their family or anyone who is tired of seeing Britain going downhill.


Reviews By Readers

A friend of mine told me about this book as she knew I use to live in Milton Keynes and used to take the train which ran from Bletchley to Bedford as it was far better shopping choice than Bletchley. This was of course before the massive Milton Keynes shopping centre was built..

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