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Chapter 6. Why I changed from Game keeper to Poacher

With two shattering blows in less than six months my outlook on life had totally changed. I didn’t give a dam about myself and I wanted someone to pay for the early death of my beloved wife and someone to pay for the way I had been treated by Her Majesty’s Prison service after giving it over twenty years of my life. I was also sick to my back teeth with the inaction taken by both Labour and Conservative governments to correct the same problems that I was supposed to resolve year after year. What the prison service didn’t realise was that I had a database of hundreds of life-long criminals and as I was good at organising things. I would use these three things to both gain revenge and hopefully put the great back in front of Britain again.

Before I get to the heist I planned, I want to share with you some situations that happened whilst I was a prison counsellor, all of which will highlight what is actually wrong with this country as the majority of its failures, end up at the prison gate. These stories also helped me to decide to jump ship.

Prison itself isn’t working and the following chapters will show you problems that occur on a regular basis and need fixing fast. Subjects covered are Rape in prison, Drugs in British prisons, Bullying, IPP, Muslim inmates, UK housing crisis, Austerity, Brexit, Coronavirus, Racism, Non-Don Status, Greedy Companies and the UK PAYE system.

Read more chapters to understand  why Lucas changed from Gamekeeper to Poacher and how he  organised the largest heist ever seen in the UK by purchasing The Bedford Heist here.

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Frederick Linden-Wyatt


Frederick Linden-Wyatt is a happily married man (in his 70’s) with a son and daughter plus two sons (one son sadly died at the young age of two) and grandson by a previous marriage and now lives in Lincolnshire, England. In 2000 he went in to a private hospital in Kettering for a well overdue hip replacement after paying in to BUPA for many years. Before his operation he had risen the ranks in the newspaper printing industry and in the 1990’s he was made a sales director of a leading PLC. In the late 90’s he left the security of a ‘proper job’ to venture on his own as a print consultant and helped fill the new press at the Eastern Newspapers plant at Norwich. Some of his contracts were for some of the UK’s top weekly newspapers such as Motorcycle News which was one of the first newspapers to be printed in full colour on all its 128 pages. He also managed the print procurement for groups such as Home Counties Newspaper which owned popular weekly tiles such has the Ham & High. At the same time, his family also owned a large kennels and cattery in Northamptonshire.

However, on the 7th of April 2000 Frederick’s hip replacement went pear-shaped and he went into a coma. Frederick was in and out of a coma and when awake didn’t recognise his wife Julie or his son Stephen. He had become violent and had to be sedated on several occasions. The coma continued and he was sent to the NHS general hospital for an MRI scan to see if he had had a stroke but nothing showed. He later discovered that he had suffered from fat embolism syndrome (FES) that got into his blood stream and when it reached his brain, most of his memory was wiped out. FES can result in death. Memory loss continued for a few years after and to this day he relies on his wife and son to fill in the blanks. Due to his memory loss he had to give up his print consultancy and sell the kennels and cattery. Frederick had a second hip replacement in 2018 but was assured by the surgeon that they now ‘wash out’ before installing the new hip joint. If the ‘wash out’ had been done in 2000 perhaps the fat embolism could have been avoided.

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